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In-Season Aerial Imagery

Feb 12, 2020

In season image of a corn field showing variations in field

Aerial imagery can be an excellent in-season tool to help producers best manage their fields during the growing season. In-season images provide information on plant health and biomass and research shows that in-season images often correlate to crop yield, providing another layer to use in creating sampling zones, variable-rate seeding maps or fertilizer applications. This allows for targeted, precision applications based on growing patterns and needs.
Benefits and applications of in-season imagery include:

  • Provides birds-eye view of crop                                                           
  • Excellent scouting and trouble-shooting tool
  • In-season images often correlate to crop yield, providing another layer to use in creating sampling zones, VR seeding maps, yield potential, etc.
  • Monitor irrigation operation and identify issues
  • Cotton growth regulator/defoliant applications
  • Use to direct in-season tissue sampling and/or foliar nutrient applications
  • Monitor and record storm, hail, and flood damage
  • Create sampling zones for fertility applications

Once collected, processed in-season images are available through AccuField within 24-48 hours and our staff is here to support and assist locations and their growers in using the imagery for crop management.


 In-Season Aerial image 


Yield Potential/Sampling Zones  

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