Use your data to farm more profitably. Identify the most profitable field zones, varieties/hybrids and inputs.

Ag Tech Solutions

Information is a valuable input, and harnessing it to make your farm more efficient doesn’t have to be time consuming or complicated.

Ag Technologies Team
  • Agri-AFC’s Ag Technologies Team is structured for grower success with strategically placed technology specialists covering the extent of our geography. Find local tech support here.
  • Ag Technology services are offered through 40+ Agri-AFC retail and Alabama Farmers Cooperative locations in 4 states. 
  • Agri-AFC specializes in customizable ag technology solutions tailored specifically to your farm’s needs. Let us help you gain insights on your acres through actionable data collection and analysis. 
  • Our suite of tools, technology services and integrations include:
    • AccuField: A proprietary, full-service precision ag techonology platform that is built around our robust soil testing program.
    • Aquaspy: In-season soil moisture monitoring for informed irrigation management.
    • Other technology services including: data management, equipment calibration, AB-Line reformatting and transfer, technology consulting, and much more.
    • Climate FieldView: An easy-to-use iPad based tool allowing wireless in-field data collection and transfer.
    • Raven Slingshot and John Deere JD Link: Telemetry platforms for remote machine access and data transfer.
Soil Sampling

  • AccuField is Agri-AFC’s proprietary, precision ag technology platform that can assist you through all phases of the crop year from field preparation to harvest.
  •  Access your information from the farm office to the tractor cab, or wherever you go, via web browser or mobile app. Rest easy knowing your information is secure and you maintain full ownership of your farm’s data. 
  • AccuField features a full menu of technology components:
    • GPS field boundaries and mapping services.
    • High-density soil sampling (grid and zone sampling).
    • Variable-rate prescription generations, customizable to specific crops and yield goals.
    • Seemless wireless data transfer and secure data storage.
    • Record keeping and reporting for all types of field applications.
    • Intensive yield data analysis, including profitability reporting.
    • Soil type specific hybrid selection.
    • Localized weather data.
    • In-season scouting tools.
    • Operational planning.
    • And many other customizable data-management services.
  • Visit to access your account, or give us a call if you would like to talk about how we can help.
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Excellence in Agriculture

Check out Agri-AFC’s Ag Technology Manager Daniel Mullenix and his wife, Auburn University’s Dr. Kim Mullenix as they discuss their commitment and love of Alabama agriculture! Daniel and Kim are the 2019 Alabama Excellence in Agriculture winners and were featured on the Alabama Farmers Cooperative Simply Southern television show.

Ag Technology Contacts

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