Use your data to farm more profitably. Identify the most profitable field zones, varieties/hybrids and inputs.

Information is a valuable ag input.

It doesn’t have to be time consuming or complicated.

  • AccuField site-specific precision ag platform
  • Service available at more than 40 locations, including retail stores and member cooperatives
  • Select from various levels of site-specific technology for more profitable farming, tailored for each farm
  • Access via a simple web-based interface, accessible anywhere, anytime online
  • A full menu of precision soil sampling, variable-rate application, (tissue sampling?) yield mapping, site- specific hybrid selection or data-management services. You can upload and manage your application, yield, and planting data, accessible from any internet-accessible device.
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Know where you make money and where you lose money

AccuField offers precision soil sampling, seamless data transfer, secure data management, precision input prescriptions, record keeping and reports.

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Excellence in Agriculture

Check out Agri-AFC’s Ag Technology Manager Daniel Mullenix and his wife, Auburn University’s Dr. Kim Mullenix as they discuss their commitment and love of Alabama agriculture! Daniel and Kim are the 2019 Alabama Excellence in Agriculture winners and were featured on the Alabama Farmers Cooperative Simply Southern television show.

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